Project: 12 April 2015 – Going Green Update

So… I haven’t made much progress since my last update, but I promise it’s with good reason.

As I had previously explained, I wanted to make sure my hair repaired well before soaking it in peroxide again and risking hair-snappage. *Note how serious this is – it won’t break or split, it may just snap right off. So I’ve been allowing it to recover; washing twice a week and conditioning it with Aussie – which is a brilliant product and it smells gorgeous. I’ve also been using a hot oil treatment once a week. And I must say, I’m REALLY happy with the state of my locks at the minute. They’re nourished and the colour looks good, which is exactly why I’ve been stalling.

I know my hair can survive another dye now, but I’m too scared the colour won’t come out right, so I’m wondering whether it’s even worth the risk? But then again, you’re only young once , so why not do it? I have many moons to repair whatever damage is done. Right?

Let me know what you guys think. This is just a quick snap of what the colour.

I do apologise for the washing in the background, it was laundry day.

Till next time…


Inspiration: Early Spring

It’s me again!

Easter has come and gone way too quickly, right? I hope everyone had a really good break and we’re all ready to get back to work this week. More than that, I trust everyone had a stylishly long weekend. Please feel free to share some of the outfits you wore with me or just comment below and tell me what you did. I had a good mix this weekend; some productivity on Friday, an uber chilled day on Saturday, baking and cooking yesterday and a nice day out today. Speaking of today, did anyone else welcome the rise in temperature? If you didn’t go out for at least a few minutes, you missed out. Just saying. But it got me thinking, Spring is upon us and if all goes well, we’re going to start delayering soon.

Which brings me to this post. We may not be here just yet, but why not know what we’re working for?

Today’s inspiration started with these punky denim shorts, with rivet detail from Chicnova. I paired this graphic t with it – I absolutely adore this shirt, I think it’s really simple, but REALLY cool. To complete, I added this pair of Dr. Martens shoes, a skull ring from Wolf&Badger and shaker hat from River Island.

Let me know what you think! Is this something you’d wear?

One minute to midnights
 That’s all for now – I’m going to soak up the last of the rays!
Till next time…

Inspiration: Goddess

Hi friends.

So… I’ve been working out hard lately and eating healthily – doing my very best to avoid eating that steaming doughnut or tempting tea cake and I have to say it has gotten easier. I have also started noticing improvements, managing to shave off around 3cm around my waist, hips and thighs respectively. It’s left me feeling extremely proud of my progress in just 3 weeks and I’m feeling really motivated, healthy and confident.

This isn’t a fitness post, so I wont bang on about how I did it – although, if you’d like me to tell you what I’ve been doing, just leave a comment and I’d be happy to write up a post. The point I’m trying to get at though, is that because of the loss, I’ve felt like I can experiment with my closet and be a bit more daring.

Now, I’ve never considered my wardrobe frumpy-ville, but I hate bare legs and I’m really weirded out by showing my midriff. Or should I say I use to be? The harder I work, the more confident I feel in my skin and would actually start considering something like the ‘Goddess’ outfit. The best part is, a few more months of motivated exercise and healthy eating and I know I’ll rock this outfit for sure.

I found this gorgeous bralet from Topshop and knew I wanted to do an outfit with it, so I paired this flowing, pleated skirt from Morgan with it and opted for these Dorothy Perkins boots. Unfortunately, they are now sold out, but these H&M ones are just as divine. For a bit of extra dazzle, I added this Jules Smith geo necklace.


Let me know what you think of this composition. Would you change anything? Also, send me a comment if you’d like to know what my workout plan composes of.

Till next time…


Inspiration: Red Hot!

So it’s date night on Saturday and you haven’t the slightest what to wear out and let’s face it, whether it’s the first date or the umpteenth, you still want to make an impression! Plus, you want to feel good and we all know that comes from looking good and being comfortable and confident. So I may not have a date myself (I’ll have to have a talk with the better half) but I thought I’d give you guys some inspiration and in a sense, archive it for when I’m running around like a headless chicken, not knowing what to wear.

I saw this smashing Kaos dress on for £35.00 and knew that had to be the basis of my outfit. It’s simple, but something about sheer is just absolutely appealing to me. Not to mention that it’s red – so sultry! This Marc Jacobs leather jacket is beautiful and it adds a bit of an edge to the dress, and guess what? It’s currently on sale for £155.00 from Bagheera. These Alexander McQueen boots I found on Coggles for £195 are perfect to complete my outfit and I find it quite cute that the zip detail matches up with that of the jacket. I added this Olivia Burton watch for £75.00 and necklace in as a final touch.

Let me know what you think! Is it something you’d wear? Also send me links to your inspiration posts. I want to know what you’re wearing.

Till next time…

Red Hot!

Inspiration: Grunged 2.0

So. I had an increased number of traffic on my site after publishing the ‘Grunged‘ post, which is amazing and I also had some likes. Thank you guys so much for not only reading, but liking my work! It genuinely does mean a lot to me. I decided, in response, I’d follow up on that post by writing another grunge inspiration entry.

This is a really casual outfit, but that’s what grunge is about for me. Not caring much; just being who you are, even if that means an awkward, hardly-functional human being. The grunge movement was all about telling misfits that it’s okay to feel like you don’t belong. In fact, it may have been encouraged.

Now, I may have put a modern spin on this, but the roots are still mid-80’s. Plaid, jeans, converse – all present, but softened up just a bit.

I started with this gorgeous check shirt from River Island and added a pair of acid wash jeans from New Look  with a ripped knee and distressed detail. Footwear HAD to be a pair of Chuck Taylor’s from Converse and this oversized cardigan from Lavand just fit the bill perfectly to complete this look. I threw in a beanie, because I’m a sucker for headwear, but it can go without.

What do you think of this look? Send me links to your inspiration – I’d love to hear from YOU!

Till next time…

Grunged 2.0

Inspiration: Skull & Bones

For the longest time, I’ve wanted a pair of Dr Martens. My ‘Emo’ days saw me crying (not literally, don’t worry!) over a pair of classic, low lace ups, like these. Then my slightly gothic days made my dark heart yearn for their calve high boots, like these, but I never got round to buying them. Perhaps because I was heavily reliant on my mother – I was only working a part time gig then and somehow had to pay for the drinks and cigarettes and junk food – all bad habits I’ve since kicked. Oh and not to mention the student loan. Not mentioning it. Moving on.

I’ve always found things that are more important. When I had some extra cash to splash, I weighed my options and somehow buying a pair of jeans and shirt and maybe a dress from a cheaper outlet triumphed investing in a pair of doccies. Well, no more. I’m protesting against my ever consuming spirit and vow to myself and readers alike, I’ll start investing from now on. Starting with a pair of Dr Martens. I really like this shoe or the 1461, as both will rock ‘n roll with a pair of jeans or a dress.

So, it kinda goes without saying that today’s post is inspired by Dr. Martens. I found this pair of Immanuel’s at the same time I discovered this amazing raglan shirt from Modcloth and thought they were a match made in heaven! So I reckoned a pair of ripped, skinny jeans would complete the outfit perfectly – the pair from Glamarous pictured here, is actually sold out, but I found a nice alternative from New Look. I absolutely love this coat from Yes Style, but unfortunately, that too is sold out. I found a quirky substitute at Pretty Little Thing. To pull it all together (if you’re looking to splurge a bit) I added this stunning watch from Marc Jacobs and a cute little bowler hat!

This is something I would totally wear! Would you? Tell me what you think by tweeting or commenting below. Also let me know what you’re saving for!

Skull & Bones

London Fashion Week AW2015 Highlights

I love fashion. A lot. But so does thousands if not millions of other people all across our beautiful planet. So what better way to share that mutual love than a bi-annual celebration of fashion. The garments we adore, the people who make them and the people who wear them, be it leggy supermodels or avid fashion followers.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to attend London Fashion Week, then we’re in the same boat, but don’t worry, today’s post is a roundup of all that was brilliant at LFW AW2015.

My top collections:

This is by no means the only wow collections, simply the ones I found the most inspiring.

I adore the Felder Felder collection. The German born twins does feminine with a twist. What’s not to love?

Felder Felder1

Felder Felder2

I love how structured Gareth Pugh‘s collection is. Fitted, with bold lines and just the right amount of detail to get excited about.

Gareth Pugh1

Gareth Pugh2


The detail in the Giles set was just delightful. Victorian frills combined with satin, PVC and sheer is a bit like Queen Victoria meets Dita Von Teese.



The shapes in the Issa collection is beautiful. I can imagine it being quite flattering for most figures and the neckline’s are nicely detailed too.



This Julien Macdonald set is breathtaking. I love the patterns and cut outs, there something really sultry and mysterious about it.

Julian Mcdonald1 Julian Mcdonald2

And finally, Sass & bide put on a fine show with leathers and metallics. I especially like this bralet!

Sass & Bide1

Sass & Bide2

Share your LFW AW15 highlights with me!